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Giggle Bingo Snickers Room Weekly Promotions

gigglebingoWe have already mentioned this month that Giggle Bingo have got some great promotions on their bingo site including the Giggle Bingo monthly MegaPot. So we thought that we would give you a snippet of what else Giggle Bingo has to offer and initially focus on their nightly specials.

Giggle Bingo nightly specials

Giggle Bingo have got nightly special chat promotions on offer for their players in the Snickers room at 9pm. Depending on what night of the week you play, you could take part in either the Musical chairs game, the Dangerous Darts game, the Giggles Fortune game or the Cut a Deal game.

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Tonight and tomorrow night it is the turn of Dangerous Darts. Players start the game with 501 points and all you need to do is reduce your points to zero as quickly as possible to win. The three players who reach zero first or the three players with the lowest score at the end of the hour will win a cash prize of £10.

How do I get to zero?

There are quite a few ways that you can decrease your points:

• Win on one line and your point tally will reduce by the number you bingo on
• Win on two lines and your point tally will reduce by double the number you bingo on
• Win on a full house and your points tally will be reduced by triple the number you bingo on
• Bingo on 18 and your point tally reduces by a whopping 180 points
• Bingo on 5 and you hit the bullseye, your points tally reduces by 50 points

You can also increase your point levels too:

• Bingo on any number ending in zero and your points tally will increase by that amount.

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