Giggle Bingo lowers its minimum deposit rate

gigglebingoPopular bingo website Giggle Bingo has given its patrons another reason to celebrate and log onto its website. It has lowered its minimum deposit amount that is required to be made by the patrons during play. On the majority of online bingo websites today, the minimum deposit for playing games is usually around £20. Giggle Bingo has recently reduced their minimum deposit amount to £10.

Indicating that the move comes with the bleak economic conditions in mind, the site is looking to maintain numbers on its website. The recent trends have indicated that there has been a slump in the number of patrons visiting the bingo website.

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Even those who do gamble on the website are spending smaller sums of money. The move is in line with such trends as it does not want to lose the set base of patrons. Clearly they want an increase in the number of patrons who will be willing to pay a lower minimum deposit rather than going to other bingo sites where the minimum balance is much higher.

Furthermore, given that they are a relatively new online bingo company, and have been up and running for just the last few months, they will be looking to drive more numbers to Giggle Bingo.

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