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Game Village Bingo Super Ticket 90 Ball Bingo

Game Village Bingo

Players at Game Village Bingo know that the site is devoted to bringing some of the most unique games to them. In fact, the site has never been one to follow along with what the other bingo sites have been doing. That is why the news that Game Village Bingo has a new way to play ninety ball bingo is so exciting. Game Village Bingo is ready to give their players five different ways to win on every game that is played in their ninety ball bingo games!

Game Village Bingo has been dedicated to the notion that they don’t want to create games on their site that are available anywhere else. There has been a conscious effort on their part to create a unique experience for their online bingo players and it shows in the quality and unique nature of their games. This is also responsible for the great community of online bingo players who all appreciate the games that Game Village Bingo brings to them.

The new ninety ball bingo room will be open from 8 pm till 2 am every day for the foreseeable future. The games are set to begin in the room every five minutes and the tickets will only cost you 25p each. There is the opportunity to buy the tickets one at a time or in strips of six at a time.

You might be wondering what is so different about the games in the ninety ball bingo room at Game Village Bingo. Well, all the tickets that are bought will have a gold box on them that might reveal a cash prize. Of course, not every ticket will have a prize so you will have to purchase them to find out if you are a big winner. The prizes available in this unique way to play ninety ball bingo could be anything from £1 to £2000.

Normally you will get three chances to win on a ninety ball bingo game, and this is the big reason that so many people love this game. But the game at Game Village Bingo will give you the traditional three chances to win, the chance to win the progressive jackpot and the super ticket prize that might be on your ticket, which gives you a total of five chances to win with a single ticket. This is sure to please the players at Game Village Bingo.

There are now five bingo rooms available on Game Village Bingo now with the addition of the new ninety ball bingo room.

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