Game Village Bingo introduce Rollover Beethoven

Game Village Bingo

gamevillage“Rollover Beethoven” is the new online bingo game that is available to play at Game Village Bingo. The new bingo game can be played daily from 8am until 4pm in the ‘Village Inn’ online bingo room and from 3pm to 4pm in the ‘90 all’ bingo room.

The online bingo player that manages to ‘bingo’ the most amount of times each night at the ‘Village Inn’ bingo room from 10pm to 11pm can choose a bingo prize from the Game Village Bingo ‘Winner Takes It All Shopping List’ or can choose £50 cash plus free bingo cards for bingo winners who have scored a position below the winner of the bingo game.

The Game Village Bingo site now has its own “9 to 5” section within its 90 Ball Hour. Every night from 9pm the bingo promotion takes place in Game Village Bingo’s 90 Ball Room and for any player than manages to ‘bingo’ on the Bingo Ball number ‘90’ during the promotional hour will scoop an extra £90. Should the bingo ball number ‘9’ be called out during game play then the five bingo players whose score fell just under the winning score will win themselves five free bingo tickets each which can be used for the next bingo game.

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