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Foxy Bingo Free Bingo Friday

Foxy BingoFoxy Bingo love Fridays and their best promotions are always at the start of the weekend. ‘Thank Foxy it’s Friday’ is one of the best known bingo phrases on the web and playing on the Foxy Bingo site on Friday is the perfect way to start your weekend.

This Friday Foxy has got a real treat in store for all their bingo players – Free Bingo for fantastic jackpots!
On Friday the 18th of December Foxy Bingo has a full day of free bingo between 10am and 10pm.

Sign up to Foxy Bingo here!

And they have over £2,500 in jackpot prizes to give away. Games take place at 30 minute intervals and there is a comprehensive bingo schedule you can look at on the Foxy website. Games take place in the Eyes Down room and bingo games take the 90 ball bingo format so you can get three chances to win. Prizes can be won for one line, two lines and a full house.

Prizes differ depending on which game time you play but the big games take place at 9pm and 9:30pm. In these games you can win £50 for one line, £150 for two lines, and £300 for a full house.

The cards for these games are free, so don’t miss this brilliant bingo opportunity and head to the Foxy Bingo site.

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