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Dream Bingo Spring Promotion

Dream Bingo is celebrating spring at their online bingo site this week, and their latest promotion runs until Monday the 31st of May.   Who can blame Dream Bingo for celebrating all this lovely weather we have had lately plus our second spring bank holiday is coming up which means a three day weekend for some lucky people.  Let’s hope that the nice weather continues as everyone loves a barbie over a spring or summer bank holiday.

Bank Holiday Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas for what to do over your long weekend holiday, then simply log onto Dream Bingo as they have a whole stack of exciting things to keep you occupied.    Instead of the usual interesting little known facts that they like to give on the subject of the Dream Bingo themed promotions, this week they have kindly given their online bingo players some ideas of what they could do to have fun over the long weekend and have also supplied some ideas on how to get well and truly in the mood for spring.

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As usual Dream Bingo is giving away BBz (Bingo Bonuses) in their two spring promotions this week.  First off, if you like 75 ball bingo games then simply try your hand at getting a bingo on one of the following letter patterns to win some extra BBz.  The letter patterns are: ‘F’ ‘R’ ‘E’ ‘S’ ‘H’ if you manage to bingo on one of these letter patterns then Dream Bingo will reward you with one additional BBz.  If you are successful in managing to bingo on two separate letter patterns on the same day then you will win an additional 2BBz or bingo on three or more letter patterns on the same day and will be rewarded with an additional 3BBz.

90 Ball Bingo Games…

If you are not keen on 75 ball bingo then you can always try your hand at Dream Bingo 90 ball bingo games.  Simply keep an eye out for their special spring games as if you manage to bingo on a full house then Dream Bingo will credit your account with an additional 3BBz, bingo on 2 lines for a prize of 2BBz and bingo on 1 line for 1BBz.  It is worth remembering that the BBz are an additional prize on top of the normal cash prize you get for managing to get a full house etc.

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