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Dream Bingo – Haunted House Giveaway

dreambingoAs Halloween is nearly upon us, Dream Bingo is offering a special series of spooky themed bingo games, where online bingo players can win big prizes whilst scaring themselves silly!

Halloween is a night of ghosts and ghouls, haunted mansions and crypts. So, in honour of Britain’s most haunted house, the Borley Rectory in Essex, Dream Bingo has launched this scary Halloween promotion. The Borley Rectory was built in 1862, was the site of a double murder, and has been plagued with reports of paranormal activity ever since, with everything from mysterious sounds to poltergeist activity.

dream bingo

So, between October 21st and October 24th, players can experience a much more enjoyable haunted house with Dream Bingo’s Haunted House giveaway. These games are all based around the haunted house theme and are played daily in either the 90-ball or 75-ball rooms. In the 90-ball room, you can play the Haunted game, where you have the chance to win Bingo Bonus money if you get a full house.

Meanwhile, in the 75-ball room, players need to look for the ghost pattern on the bingo board. If you win on this pattern, you can win even more Bingo Bonus money!

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