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Daily Delights on Wink Bingo

wink bingo

Well, the Valentine’s Day promotions are all gone and it’s back to everyday life for most people.  But there is still plenty happening on the online bingo sites and Wink Bingo is ready to offer some more for their players.

The Daily Delights promotion that is taking place on Wink Bingo will go on through the entire month for players on the site.  The players on Wink Bingo have the chance to win £150 every day on the site while they are enjoying the online bingo. The Love is in the Air Daily Delights promotion is still taking place even though Valentine’s Day is over.  Why not check out what you could win in this daily delight game?

The Daily Delights game takes place on Wink Bingo every day at 8:45 pm.  Just look for the game in the pressie section of the menu on the site.  This will tell you where to find the daily game.  The tickets will cost you £1 each. 

There are also a number of daily promotion games happening on Wink Bingo.  You may not hear a lot about these games, but they take place all the time and they are a lot of fun for online bingo players.  These games are listed on the bottom of the page for promotions on Wink Bingo.  Look for the Daily Promotions that take place on Tuesday through Thursday on the site.

Players can win thousands of points in these games and they are a tremendous amount of fun to play.  On Tuesday, you can play 36B where you will get a share of the 36,000 bingo points up for grabs if you are one of the six players who get the most bingos on the letter B in the seventy five ball bingo game.  All you have to do is play and Wink Bingo will keep track of the winners and the points in this game.

Wednesdays will bring you the Naughty 40.  The players who bingo on the number four playing the seventy five ball game will get a share of the 40,000 bingo points that are available for the top ten players. 

Six Pack is the name of the game on Thursdays on Wink Bingo.  If you are one of the ten players who get the most bingos on the six pack pattern, also in the seventy five ball game, you will win a share of the 60,000 points available in this game.

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