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There is a great opportunity for you at Crown Bingo right now.  Every time you make a deposit in your account of £10, you will get an entry into the draw.  That means if you deposit more than £10 you will get more entries into the draw as well - £30 gets you three entries, for example.  If you are a first time depositor on the site, your £10 will get you five entries into the draw.  Now you might be wondering what the prize is for this special draw this month, well, the winner in this draw will get a great hair pampering kit.  And what is so great about this draw is that there will be two winners

The draw will be fully automatic and you won’t have to do anything else when you make your deposit to be entered into the draw.  The draw will take place on Saturday and it’s a good idea to get as many entries as you can into the draw for this fabulous prize.

Crown Bingo recognises that not everyone will be so thrilled over the hair pampering kit so they have a special prize in mind for the guys who want to take part in the draw.  So, guys, you can win something pretty special for you too so don’t miss out on this prize draw.

There are some other things that you should keep your eyes out for on Crown Bingo.  Penny Bingo on Mondays is a special event that will let you play more bingo for your money.  All day Penny Bingo on the site is certainly something to be thrilled about.

There is also Tempting Tuesdays for you to watch for on Crown Bingo to add a little spice to your Tuesday.  The Fair and Square games will take place on the site every Tuesday and it is a great chance for you to play and win.  Don’t forget to check out the site on Tuesdays to get in on the great games and prizes. 

There is always something happening on Crown Bingo so get on over and check out the latest promotions.  Crown Bingo is always trying to come up with new ways for their players to win and enjoy the games.  Check out the quiz games on the site for more chances to win.  Crown Bingo is sure to become your favourite online bingo site.  Just check out what is up for grabs and you will find yourself returning again and again for all the fun games that are there for you to play.

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