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Crown Bingo offer Multi Room Bingo and more

Crown Bingo has recently launched multi room bingo at their site.  Multi-room bingo allows online bingo players to play bingo or chat to other roomies in up to 3 bingo rooms at the same time.  So if you are good at multi-tasking or can never make up your mind about which bingo room you want to play in, then this new feature will be perfect for you.  You can also use multi-room to move between the different bingo rooms without having to go back to Crown Bingo’s new lobby.

How Do I Use Multi-Room?

In every one of the Crown Bingo rooms you will find a tab called mini lobby, you simply click on this to see what bingo rooms are available.  To move to another room click the ‘Play Now ‘button or if you want to play in more than one room click on ‘Add Room’, simple really isn’t it.

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Deal or No Deal Now at Crown Bingo

Crown Bingo have also added a new game to their bingo site called Deal or No Deal which is based on the popular TV programme hosted by Noel Edmunds.  To play Deal or No Deal players need to select an amount to wager and choose a box they would like to play, there are 26 boxes to choose from.  Crown Bingo players will then be asked to pick boxes to open which will remove some of the cash amounts that could be won; therefore players will hope to remove the smallest prize amount.  After removing the first 6 boxes The Banker will ring the player and make a prize offer, then it’s a case of making a decision to either choose to Deal (accept the offer) or  opt for a No Deal (not to accept the offer).  The game continues until a Deal has been done or a player has opened all 25 boxes the final prize will be revealed in the box that was originally picked at the beginning of the game.

For bingo players who are not already members of Crown Bingo there is a great new account holder bonus, a £5 free no deposit bingo bonus.  So with nothing to lose it’s certainly worth checking out the bingo games and promotions at Crown Bingo.

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