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Credit crunch ignored by bingo websites

  • Posted by: Des | Date January 23rd, 2009

Online bingo websites are introducing a completely new range of bingo promotions and bonuses in order to attract new and existing players. Because of the current lean financial period, it can be harder to continue playing your favourite online game. However, it seems that the bingo websites are not allowing this to stop them from attempting to attract you to their sites.

Many bingo sites offer free bingo cash bonuses that can vary from £1 to £15 for new members. This will normally means that a new user will enjoy a large number of free online bingo games.

Most bingo sites are offering members free bingo games, in order to attract even larger number of bingo players to their websites.

Popular bingo sites, such as Wink.com is offering new members a generous welcome package that includes £15 worth of no deposit bonus, plus extra 200% added to their first deposit, which is better than the interest earned by depositing your money in a top bank.

Wink Bingo is also offering free online bingo games every Friday night. The best part is that your tickets get a refund, if you do not win the jackpot – there is no better deal than this!

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