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Costa Bingo will pay off your credit card

costabingoCosta Bingo has got a great promotion that will dismiss all your post Christmas blues. They are holding a special promotional bingo game in which the prize is a brilliant £5,000 so you can get rid of the debt on your credit card this New Year.

If you have overspent during the Christmas period then the Costa Cut Your Cards promotion might be just what you are looking for. Imagine the debt on your card being wiped off in a single swipe – brilliant! The special game takes place on the 31st of January at 8pm and there are different ways to enter.

Costa bingoSign up to Costa Bingo here!

To enter the game you can simply pre-buy tickets which are priced at 25p each or accumulate special credit points. If you get 300 credit points you automatically get 1 card for the game.

How can I accumulate credit points?

There are different ways to accumulate credit points, below is a simple list on how you can do it:

Wager £20 on instant games – 2 credit points
Wager £1 on bingo games – 5 credit points
Bingo on the pound sign pattern – 10 credit points.

You need to start collecting credit points now so you can be credit card free with Costa Bingo in 2010.

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