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Cheeky Bingo has become immensely popular

cheeky bingoCheeky Bingo is one of the few online bingo websites which has become immensely popular among bingo users, because of its free online bingo rooms.

Earlier this year, Cheeky Bingo had launched two absolutely free bingo rooms especially for its users. The particular offering was met with a favourable response from the bingo fans.

Introducing further free bingo rooms became inevitable after the enormous response meted to this feature. Cheeky Bingo further added two more online bingo rooms to its website.

cheeky bingoJoin Cheeky Bingo And Play For Free Right Now!

Cheeky Bingo now has about 6 free bingo rooms in all. But it does not end here; Cheeky Bingo also allows its users to play for huge jackpots at a minimal amount. The bingo tickets are available at as low as 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p a ticket.

The Cash Crazy jackpot also allows the users to win a large amount. Bingo is a game of chance and online bingo is no exception. However, Cash Crazy jackpot enables the users to obtain a guaranteed prize of £100m. It is indeed a huge amount considering the minimal price of the bingo tickets.

Penny Bingo is another exciting addition in the Cheeky Bingo line-up. This particular contest is held throughout the weekend and can be played at a mere amount of 1p.

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