Butlins Bingo Review £125 Bingo Bonus


Butlins Bingo is a bright and well put together uk bingo site. More importantly, it provides plenty of gaming opportunities for the online bingo enthusiast. New players are offered up to £125 of matched money and £1 of free bonus cash. This equates to 10 free games. They will double the deposit of new players between £10 and £125. The second deposits are matched at 50%, up to £65. There is a 24-hour customer support number for individuals that need help or have questions.

There are daily promotions and fortunate player,s may even be able to win a X-box. Additional games which are offered include, Pub Darts, Plum and Royale 20. There is also a Games Lobby that has scratch card games, slots and roulette.

Butlins bingo offers some of the same daily promotions as many other Bingo sites. They include “Buy One, Get One Free” Mondays, “Chatty Tuesdays,” “Everybody is a Winner” Wednesday, Penny Bingo on Thursdays, “Fantastic Fridays,” “Skyrocket Saturdays,” where the jackpot gets bigger every call and “Cash For Life” Sundays.

There are two primary categories of games. They take place in either in the Bingo Lounge or Bingo Chat. Bingo Lounge boasts of the Giant Jackpot, which the company purports to be the UK’s largest regular paying jackpot in 37 calls or less. There are an average of 30,000 monthly earnings. Snowball Jackpot can also be found in the Bingo Lounge.

It is a 50 call or less game that is played every half hour, on every hour between 12:00 pm to 1:00 am. Winnings start at £500 and gets bigger until someone wins. Bingo Blitz and Buy One, Get One Free can also be found in the Bingo Lounge. Buy One, Get One Free entitles players to get up to 30 tickets free when they purchase tickets before 10 pm. Other games that can be found in the lounge include Even Stevens, Happy Hour, where everything is half off, Night Owl Jackpot, Night Owl Bingo, Penny Bingo and Spinning Pots.

In Bingo Chat, players can find The Fireball Lounge. The Fireball Lounge is a new jackpot where a full house winner is selected in 42 calls or less. Jackpots start at £2000. There are 120 games between 12 pm and 12 am. Even Stevens and 50 Guaranteed Fireball, which is played daily from 15:00-16:00and 23:00 and 24:00. The price is only 25p a ticket. Players can also enjoy Happy Hour. Everything is half price. Gamers can also play Odd or Even Power Pots. These are played between 4 pm-5 pm, 7 pm-8pm. It only costs 50p to play. Winners who have a full house on a even number receive £100. Winners who have a full house on an odd number receive £50.

visit www.butlinsbingo.co.uk

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