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Bingo Players Trapped In Lift at Mecca Bingo

Some players at the Mecca Bingo Hall in Folly Hall, Huddersfield were left a little shell shocked on Wednesday night when a group of them got stuck in the bingo hall lift for 25 minutes due to the lift doors becoming stuck – clearly a problem that online bingo players would never suffer from.  In the end Michelle Winfield who is the general manager of Mecca Bingo in Huddersfield had to call the fire brigade who soon prised open the doors and helped everyone to safety.

In total six Mecca Bingo players were stuck in the lift however they were unharmed except for one 78 year old lady who experienced feeling breathless and faint due to claustrophobia.  The good news is that the paramedics checked her over and gave her a good bill of health so she was able to return home after her ordeal.

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Mecca Bingo in Huddersfield has apologised to their bingo players who became trapped in the lift and has sent a bouquet of flowers to each of them.  They also thanked Huddersfield’s fire brigade for the fantastic job they did.  The lift has since been fixed.

£10,000 Guaranteed Daily Jackpot

Whilst we are on the subject of Mecca Bingo, as you may recall their online bingo site is currently giving away a £10,000 guaranteed jackpot every single day; this was originally only set to run until the 13th of March; however, Mecca Bingo has recently announced that they will be increasing the length of this promotion until the 31st of March.  This means that by the 31st of March Mecca Bingo would have given away a total of £340,000 on this one promotion.  Mecca Bingo really has been pulling out all the stops this month.  Don’t forget that they are also giving away a £14,000 guaranteed jackpot on Sunday the 14th of March to celebrate Mothers Day.

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