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Bingo players call for a U-turn on tax rise

  • Posted by: Gwen | Date May 19th, 2009

mecca bingo

Bingo players from all across the country are hoping that the government does a rethink on its decision to raise the duty on bingo to 22%.

The staff and customers at Mecca bingo hall in Bradford city centre have been trying hard to get the support of MP Marsha Singh. They have been sending letters asking for his support, as they feel it is not fair for bingo clubs to shell out 22% tax on profits, while other gaming venues, both online and offline pay only 15% tax on their gross profits.

Tristan Allison, the general manager of Mecca said that at least 160 letters have been sent to Marsha Singh till now. Though the MP has not replied, the players and staff are hoping that he supports the campaign.

Allison also added that Mecca bingo, which is owned by Rank, has suspicions that this hike in bingo duty was a ‘backlash’ from the Treasury after they were taken to court by Rank. The Treasury was taken to court by Rank because they had to pay taxes twice – normal VAT and tax of gross profit too.

Bingo clubs are more than a business place, offering people in the community a place to go and meet new friends.

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