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Bingo Hollywood latest online bingo site Now Live!

Bingo Hollywood has finally laid out the red carpet and launched their new online bingo site after much anticipation, and as soon as you visit Bingo Hollywood you get exactly what you might expect from such a prestigious name.  The theme of the site is definitely Hollywood films with an array of film reels, cinema tickets and star graphics displayed throughout the site, and this theme carries on so that online bingo players will always feel like they are Hollywood Stars.

Signup to Bingo Hollywood here!

What Can I Expect From Bingo Hollywood?

Bingo Hollywood is a standalone online bingo site which means that it is not part of a bingo network, like other standalone online bingo sites this has its positive points and its negatives.  A negative is that the bingo jackpot will take longer to rise than on a networked online bingo site; however one of the best positives is that a lot less online bingo players will no doubt be playing so there may be more likelihood of a win.   Currently Bingo Hollywood only boasts a couple of online bingo rooms however the amount of bingo rooms are bound to be increased once the online bingo site gains a larger following.

Want To Become A Member?

Bingo Hollywood is also offering a staggering 300% first deposit of up to £150 when players make their first deposit.  Therefore, if you deposit £10 Bingo Hollywood will credit your online bingo account with an additional £30 for free!  It doesn’t stop there though, Bingo Hollywood are also offering a free exclusive Bingo Hollywood goodie bag to some online bingo players when they sign up.  This will most probably be on ,a first come first served basis so make sure you don’t miss out.

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