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Bingo fans bid farewell to the Gala Bingo hall

gala bingoGala Bingo, one of the popular bingo destinations has announced the termination of its bingo hall in the Midlands. Gala Bingo hall started out as a theatre in Castle Hill near Dudley zoo, but soon was converted into a Bingo hall.

Gala Bingo declared this announcement in the local newspapers, Express and Star.
The shutting down of Gala Bingo is another addition to the recent spate of events, which saw the end of several bingo clubs in the UK. This eventually led to mass layoffs in the UK Bingo business.

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Rumours have been doing the rounds since last year, concerning the shutting down of the Gala Bingo Hall. The ongoing recession has caused grave losses to several companies and the bingo industry has also suffered enormous losses in the recent past.

The economic scenario and increase in the bingo tax has been cited as one of the many reasons for the downfall of Gala Bingo hall. Sarah Mercer, an official with Gala Bingo claimed that the firm had received an offer for the hall premises.

Neil Goulden, the chairman of Gala Bingo denied claims that they will consider shutting down other bingo halls in UK.

Bingo players from Castle Hill will now have to consider other options like online bingo for enjoying this particular game of chance.

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