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A big bingo winner on the Bingo Fabulous site was “calee” who managed to take the top cash jackpot prize of £8,379.06 and she is one of many lucky bingo players who have seen large cash rewards for their bingo wins in recent weeks on this site.

Just recently at Bingo Fabulous, happy bingo winners received their household bills paid for the quarter including Gas, Water & Electricity Bills and other bingo winners managed to scoop free Gym memberships and fantastic Shopping Spree prizes too.

Every week Bingo Fabulous run their spectacular 200,000 free bingo points and the recent winner on the site was “nanny7” who scooped the lot after being rewarded as the bingo player who had played the most online games in that week.

In recent weeks “neal2009” managed to call bingo more than anyone else on Bingo Fabulous’ Special Heart Pattern and won a huge 100,000 in free bingo points.

Bingo Fabulous has a Player of the Week competition which means that winners see 25,000 free bingo points credited to their accounts and the last winner to claim these points was “marisol” who has also been lucky enough to win previously – if she has been lucky twice then there is hope for all of us at Bingo Fabulous.

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