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For those who have been paying attention to Bingo Cafe lately, you know that there are plenty of Mega Bingo games on the site.  In fact, you should make sure that you pre buy your tickets so that you don’t miss your chance on the giant jackpots that are going out in these big online bingo games.

Some people make the mistake of not pre buying their tickets and forget to head over to the site for the big games.  You definitely don’t intend to forget, but things have a way of slipping your mind and before you know it the games are over and you missed your chance.

At Bingo Cafe, you have the chance to play five times in the Mega Dimes game.  You will have your chance from eight am until nine am or from noon until one pm.  There is the chance to buy up to two hundred and fifty cards in the game at only a cost of 10p each.  If you buy all two hundred and fifty, you will have a very good chance of winning the game.  

There are some really fun games to play on Bingo Cafe, but you might find the Double Shot 20/20 to be a particularly great one to play.  In this deal, you will get the chance to buy twenty tickets and get twenty more for free.  During the game, the numbers are called every two seconds and you will have to be super quick to play this one.  

And if you are a fan of fast bingo playing, why not give “1 Second Calls” a try?  There is also “Blackout Zone Fast and Furious” for those who love a fast game.  These games can be played a few times a day from two to three am and then again at six and seven am.  The games will be played again throughout the day.

Play “Jail Break” on Bingo Cafe for a fun bingo game that features two Jail Break patterns during each of the games.  There are games from five until six am, nine until ten am, one pm until two pm and five pm until six pm.  The minimum prize on this game is £40 and you can buy cards for only 50p each.  

There is a lot on Bingo Cafe to keep you happy.  If you like a good variety of games, fabulous prizes and fast bingo play, you will love everything about Bingo Cafe.

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