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Bingo Cafe’s Let’s Make a Deal game

Bingo Cafe

Bingo Cafe have got an amazing selection of bingo prizes which are up for grabs on their site including an amazing Ferrari ride at Silverstone (you can opt for a Lamborghini), there is also a huge range of fine jewellery, luxury hampers, champagne and much more – in total Bingo Cafe offer their bingo players the chance to win an amazing 24 jackpot prizes every week.

The bingo game that players need to look for is Bingo Cafe’s ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ which takes place at the Bistro Bar on Friday and Saturday evening between 6pm to 10pm.

The game sees players wheel and deal with the hosts and enjoy their exciting choices which come from winning solo on the ‘Deal’ bingo pattern or the Box, Big Box or Curtain bingo patterns. The prices for game cards are a mere 50p and the minimum guaranteed pay out on the game is £50.

The new bingo patterns are something that Bingo Café claim will excite their players.

For a chance to play the ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ game and choose the prize that you want to win, make sure you are at Bingo Cafe on Friday or Saturday evening from 6pm. Plus during 10pm and 11pm every Saturday night at the Bingo Cafe site bingo players are given the chance to win a guaranteed minimum payout of £200 on their ‘Must Go & Coffee Cup’ games and bingo cards are only £1 each for this particular game.

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