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Bingo advert banned for the protection of fans

  • Posted by: Des | Date January 22nd, 2009

The new advertisement for Ladbrokes Online Bingo was recently banned from television after it received a complaint against it. Allegedly the advertisement portrayed the recklessness of bingo, which led to the shutting down of the entire advertising campaign.

Bingo advertisements campaigns shutting down are a relatively common issue. Even though there are many online bingo adverts that have seen success in the past year, previous campaigns from William Hill and Wink bingo were also deprived of the limelight as they were deemed to portray the desperate nature of UK bingo players.

Even though online bingo is generally viewed as a fun activity, people can tend to get carried away with the various aspects of the game. Online bingo adverts therefore need to be controlled in order to protect more vulnerable players.

The fact that even a single complaint can make such a big difference proves that online bingo, no matter how popular, is a contentious issue. Gambling in any forms needs strict monitoring and hence needs to be operated under certain restrictions, whether it includes the advertising campaigns or the games on the website.

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