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Beacon Bingo £85,000 jackpot bingo Winner

Hearing of the big Beacon Bingo jackpot winner who scooped a jackpot of £85,000 got us all so excited in the office, as you all know we love to hear about bingo winners and we know that all our Sunlight Bingo readers do too. Let’s face it we all dream of becoming a big online bingo winner ourselves as this is one of the many reasons that we all play online bingo isn’t it.  Even though this jackpot win happened at a bingo club rather than the Beacon Bingo online site we still can’t keep the huge Cheshire cat grin of our faces, we are a silly lot here aren’t we?

Anyway back to the winner, the lucky bingo player won £85,000 at the Beacon Bingo club in Loughborough on their Beacon 24 multi jackpot game; with this game you have 24 chances to win five different coloured jackpots, and each bingo card costs you £2.  The lucky Beacon Bingo winner, Anne won the highest jackpot ever with her mega £85,000 win and managed to do so by completing the red line on her bingo ticket.
Anne currently lives in Seagrave and has been attending Beacon Bingo hall in Loughborough for over 20 years, and usually plays bingo there three or four times a week.  Anne has big plans for her windfall already and says that she will be spending her winnings on her family.  Can you imagine the kind of holiday that you could have with a jackpot bingo win like that? It would definitely be one to remember.

Kevin Farnsworth who is the General Manager at Beacon Bingo Loughborough has said “Everyone at the club was delighted to see one of our regular customers win such a fantastic jackpot amount. The atmosphere was electric. We are a very lucky club and Anne is just one of many large winners over the last few years, who have won on both our Beacon 24 Multi Jackpot ticket and also the National Bingo Game”
Beacon Bingo has also recently released an online bingo site, which will definitely be a site to keep an eye on.  Let’s hope that they will also be offering big jackpots there in the future, as let’s face it there is nothing quite like staying home on a chilly evening playing online bingo in our PJ’s.

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