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Audiences captured by Wink Bingo’s new advertisement

Wink Bingo Advert

Online bingo sites are known to draw thousands of people to themselves but here is a bingo site that has managed to draw the attention of people with an advertisement. The British public seem to be in awe of the recent advertisement release by Wink Bingo on television.

The TV advertisement shows a Wink Bingo player in a living room that has hidden powers playing online bingo on her laptop. When the bingo player hits the jackpot, she breaks out into an impulsive dance routine. The dance routine is inspired by the renowned ‘wall and ceiling’ dance and shows the online bingo player weightlessly dancing, as she goes up walls and even across the ceiling as an act of celebration.

The advertisement is aimed at creating a perfect blend of magic and reality in order to depict the jubilant emotions that online players experience when they win online bingo games on the Wink Bingo site.

Although the online bingo site allotted a small budget for the advertisement, they decided to do things the traditional way, so that they could achieve the element of realism. Creative director of Spacebar Media, Michael Zucker, said the objective was to develop a new kind of online bingo ad campaign that would not concentrate only on promotions but would portray how winners of online bingo actually felt.

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