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  • Posted by: Irene | Date May 24th, 2009
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Online bingo rooms on some bingo sites are designed three dimensionally to look like real rooms, but most sites keep them simple in the format of a game screen and a chat window. These chat windows are located on one side; the bingo board appears centrally at the top and the card bought by the player is usually shown in the middle portion of the screen. Information regarding patterns and the current jackpot is flashed on the right hand side.

Online bingo games provide a general or main room for learners and less serious bingo players. Another room is specifically provided for players who are keen on playing for bigger jackpots and higher stakes.

Some bingo sites have a High Rollers Room with all the features of main rooms and bigger bingo jackpots. Games in these rooms are more challenging and card prices and minimum limit for number of cards required to be purchased is also much higher.

Online bingo players get the opportunity to socialise with fellow players and chat leaders (CL) while playing. Chat which adds fun and entertainment in the game is an important feature of bingo rooms. It brings a strong sense of community.

All bingo players are expected to observe online bingo etiquette as specified by the bingo site. The CL is authorised to bar any player who is found to violate bingo room etiquette.

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