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888Ladies Bingo Plans For Expansion

888ladies bingo

There has recently been some news about the plans of 888 Holdings group to introduce three new bingo sites to their online bingo enterprise. This has put them at the top of the pile for online gaming. Of the three new sites, two are planned for the uk and one is planned to launch in the Spanish market. 888Ladies Bingo was launched earlier this year and has moved up the charts to be one of the top online bingo sites available.

Globalcom Software is responsible for the sites from 888 Holdings and this is also the software used for Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo, Wink Bingo, We Luv Bingo, Bingo Scotland, Top Ten Bingo, Think Bingo Cosy, Mirror Bingo, and STV Bingo in addition to 888Ladies Bingo.

Some of the sites are a part of a network that allows players to link to other sites and earn bigger cash prizes. The other sites like Think Bingo, Think Bingo Cosy, Foxy Bingo, 888Ladies Bingo, Bingo Scotland and Wink Bingo operate on their own. This means that users will have to sign up with each individual site to play in the cash games.

The Chief Executive of 888 Holdings expects that the new sites will make a nice addition to their already successful online gaming site and will add something special to their business online. It is a positive sign of growth in the industry.

The group that owns Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo, Get Minted Bingo, Think Bingo Cosy and Bingo Scotland, the Cashcade Group, were attempting to take over 888 Holdings last year, but the deal fell apart. When the shareholders determined what would happen to their stakes in the business, they were not happy and the deal fell through. The Cashcade Group certainly would love to add the Globalcom software to their business and it is unclear whether the two groups will come to an arrangement again.

For online bingo players the new sites means more chances to play bingo and enjoy even more prizes with the additional sites. The locations that these new sites plan to service means that the online bingo community just got a little bigger. This is good news for players of these games around the world. If you love to play uk bingo, the community of players is a big part of the appeal. Watch for these new uk bingo sites to begin and add them to your collection of exceptional online bingo sites.

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