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888ladies bingo

There is a special welcome bonus being given out on 888 Ladies Bingo and they don’t want you to forget about this special offer.  Right now 888Ladies Bingo will be giving their players a welcome bonus of 200% up to £150 on the first deposit.  And they will also match every deposit that you make on the site before March 1st with a 50% bonus.  That means that you can play even more when you sign up for your account and start making your deposits on the site.  You will also get even more chances to win on the site with the extra bingo money in your account.

There are some people out there who have already signed up for their account on 888Ladies Bingo but have not made their first deposit yet.  Now is the time to make sure that you get your bingo money deposited in your account at 888Ladies Bingo to take advantage of the special bonuses.  And now it is important that you get playing on the site to make sure that you get into this month’s special guaranteed jackpot game worth £8888.  This game takes place on the last Friday of the month so get in there now and play in this game for your chance at the big prize.  

When you play on 888 Ladies Bingo and make a deposit on the site, you could win £2800 by taking advantage of some of the great games on the site.  Check out the great ways you could rack up some serious cash when you first deposit on 888 Ladies Bingo.  When you play on the day of your first deposit on the site and bingo the most on the letter D you will win £50.  Then play in the week of your first deposit and bingo the most on W and get £250.  Then in the month of your first deposit on the site you can play and bingo the most on M to win £2500.  888Ladies Bingo is making your first month on the site one of the most exciting in online bingo. 

Take a look at all of the guaranteed jackpot games that take place on this site and you will see why it is the one to play on for the best chance of winning some serious cash.  You will have the option of pre-buying your tickets in the £1000 guaranteed jackpot game that plays every week on the site.  There are also some great £100 guaranteed jackpot games that run daily at 8pm on 888Ladies Bingo.

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