Lucky Bingo player from Huddersfield

After almost 90 wins this year Bingo player Brian Parker is considered the topmost British Bingo player. Brian is a granddad of three and has won more than £10,000 in his Bingo victories at Huddersfield.

Brian said that he has always been lucky. He used to work as a brickyard worker at Crosland Moor and has been regularly playing Bingo at Mecca in Folly Land for the past 10 years.

Brian believes he is getting luckier with each passing year. His record number of wins has been 6 wins in a single night, when he collected a total of about £1,500. He also says that people at the club, were always so sure of him winning, they even used to go up to him and rub him, with the hope of getting some of his luck.

Brian said that his luck always ran out if he did not play in Huddersfield. In support of this, he related his experience at Las Vegas where he used £30 to play the slot machines, but did not manage to win. On getting back to Mecca, with an initial amount of £2, he managed to win £90.

Brian tends to spend most of his winnings on playing more Bingo. Otherwise he gives half of his winning money to his wife Madge, who is happy with his winning habits. Brian considers Bingo as not only a sociable form of entertainment, but also helpful in keeping the mind active.

Mecca assistant manager Steven Jones said that he had never seen anyone as lucky as Brian. He added that everyone knew Brian and it was fun having someone like him around.

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