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It’s like Noah’s Ark on Crown Bingo

  • Posted by: Irene | Date August 9th, 2009

crown bingoThere are so many huge jackpots to be won on Crown Bingo and to make it even more exciting some of their games have been named after animals!

First up is the Cash Cow in rooms 1 and 2 where the big jackpot is currently worth £15k! All you need to do to win this huge jackpot is play bingo in either of these rooms and get a full house under 34 calls. Imagine what you could do with £15,000 pounds!

The next game on offer is the Piggy Bank that keeps being topped up every time someone wins the jackpot. There is £1000 to be won on this game also in rooms 1 and 2 and to win you need to get a full after in under 40 calls.

In room 3, they’ve got the Cheetah Jackpot which is their fastest bingo jackpot worth £1500. To win you need to be fast with numbers being called once a second with games being over in 2 minutes. Also in room three is the Turbo Charger, get a full house in under 34 calls and you’ve won the jackpot which starts at £13,000.

Crown Bingo

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