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Remember the golden ticket that Charlie found in his chocolate bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, have you dreamed of finding your own golden ticket and getting the rewards that Charlie had from that great find? Well, you may never find a golden ticket in your chocolate bar, but you will find one at Mecca Bingo. Check out the Golden Ticket offer at Mecca Bingo for another chance to get the riches and rewards that you have been dreaming about.

Mecca Bingo has come up with a completely new type of game for their online players. There is £13,000 in cash prizes for those who play and it is completely free to enter the game. Every player has an equal chance to win the prize because there is only one ticket for each player. To get in on the game, just log in to your account on Mecca Bingo and click on the Golden Ticket game. This is how you will create your golden ticket.

You can win £1000 for one line, £2000 for two lines and £10,000 for three lines. The game has been going on for about a week, but it is not too late to get in on the game. The numbers that have already been called will be marked off on your ticket when you generate it. You should know that you have to be a depositing player to enter the prize game. At least £10 should have been deposited into your account. And if you win, you will have to claim the prize before the next number is called. This means that you have to log in and check your ticket every day. You don’t want to miss your chance of claiming your big prize.

Mecca Bingo always has something to offer their online bingo players. If you are into great prizes and a warm and welcoming community then this is the site for you. So put down those chocolate bars and get on over to Mecca Bingo for your Golden Ticket. It’s not in the chocolate; it’s on this online bingo site. Players on this site are treated to great prizes and exciting games while they are playing on the site. And in addition to the Golden Ticket game, there are some great bingo games to play and enjoy while you are making new friends on Mecca Bingo. What more could you be looking for in your online bingo site?

Join in on the fun at Mecca Bingo Today!

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