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There are plenty of sites online that are offering free bingo to their players. Everyone loves to play bingo for free, but you might be a little disappointed by the prizes. It all depends on the site that you play on. Well, you should take a look at Wink Bingo and their Frisky Friday games. This is a new way to look at the free bingo games that are on offer at online bingo sites.

It is free bingo, but there is a little bit of a twist to it. When you play the free games on Wink Bingo, you do have to spend a little bit of money. If you buy a maximum of £2.40, you will get twenty four tickets for a game that has a guaranteed jackpot of £1000. Well, now you might be wondering where the free part is in this game. The twist to this game is that if you don’t win, you get your money back. That means for the low price that you will pay to get in on the game, you have a chance to win £1000 and if you don’t win the prize, you will have all of your money credited back to your account.

So go get your tickets for the Frisky Friday games at Wink Bingo.

Along with the Frisky Friday’s promotion, you will find plenty of online promotions for those playing bingo at Wink Bingo.

For new players on Wink Bingo there is plenty to make your experience enjoyable. There is a welcoming group of people who will be there for you to make some new friends and enjoy the game even more. Right now there is a guaranteed jackpot of £10,000 happening that will be won on the tenth of every single month. What would you do with these big prizes?

There is plenty happening on Wink Bingo all the time. If you are interested in other games, there are slots and plenty of chances for you to have some fun and win great prizes. When you are considering joining a great bingo site, consider Wink Bingo for the best time that you will have in online gaming. You play for fun, right? Well, there is lots of that there on this online bingo site. As a new player, go and see what Wink Bingo has in store for you. They have a welcome that you will just love.
wink bingo

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