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Chit Chat Bingo Monthly Value Bingo Games

  • Posted by: Irene | Date April 19th, 2010

Chit Chat Bingo as you may already be aware re-launched its site this month which in the opinion of the Sunlight Bingo team was a change very much for the better.  Chit Chat Bingo has been given a much needed lick of new virtual paint and is now more attractive on the eye and easier to navigate around.  The best change though has to be its new promotions.  We have already informed you about some of their previous promotions including a £1,500 Dream Holiday that is up for grabs as well as their new sign up bonus and wishing well promotion.

Chit Chat Bingo Value Bingo Games

Today we thought we would tell you all about Chit Chat Bingo Value Bingo games that currently take place twice a month.  Unfortunately the game on the 6th of April has already been played, but there is still time to take part in the second Value Bingo game of the month on the 20th of April.  Chit Chat Bingo Value Bingo games are perfect to take part in if you are on a budget, as these bingo tickets only cost 1p each.  This bargain price is available on every single game played on Tuesday the 20th of April in the Chit Chat Bingo ‘Bingo Cafe’ room between the hours of 9.00am until 9.00pm – which is a whole 12 hours of one penny bingo games!

Signup to Chit Chat Bingo here!

What Can I Win?

Just because Chit Chat Bingo Value Games cost 1p doesn’t mean that they are only giving away peanuts as prizes, no sir!  Chit Chat Bingo are going to be giving away £15 to the online bingo player who manages to bingo on a full house, £10 to the player who has a bingo on one line and £5 to the player who manages to bingo on one line.  Not bad prizes for 1p a ticket are they?  If you are busy on the 20th of April you can always pre-buy your tickets and check back at a later date to see if you are one of the lucky players to be in the money!

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