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Bingo Me Happy Offer Free Bingo Cards

  • Posted by: Faye | Date August 3rd, 2010

Bingo Me Happy is another new online bingo site to recently launch onto the UK market and as soon as the home page of the site loads it is as if you have been transported back to the early nineties.  This is due to the black background and bright yellow smiley faces that adorn the homepage, this give the feeling of a rave which is also helped along by the graphics of people dancing and clapping their hands – this is definitely a fun online bingo site that is aimed at both sexes.

Want Some Free Bingo Cards?

Once you have had a look around Bingo Me Happy and decided that you want to become a member, we think you will be pleased to learn that they give each of their new online bingo players twenty free bingo cards when they sign up to their site.  It is worth remembering that to claim your free bingo cards you have to supply Bingo Me Happy either with your credit or debit card details – don’t worry though as they won’t take any money out of your account until you choose to make your first deposit, which no doubt you will.

Once you have signed up to Bingo Me Happy and supplied all your relevant details they will fund your bingo account with 1,000 bingo points which players will then be able to spend on twenty 5p bingo cards (this is your twenty free bingo cards).

All Important First Deposit Bonus….

Once you have had a good look around their online bingo site and spent your loyalty points and have decided that you want to go ahead and make your first deposit then Bingo Me Happy will keep a smile on your face.  This is because Bingo Me Happy will be giving new account holders a 100% bonus on their first deposit of between £10 and £100.  For example: If you deposit £20 they will give you an additional £20 for free!

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